Gillian is a genius. She just pulled this one out, and she’ll be humble about it, so I’ll be the one to say that she is a creative master in the kitchen and tonight’s meal shows you why. We have been talking about this supper for a few days now, grilled garlic scapes and zuchini, pork chops (thick cut from Paulina Market), with nectarines sauteed with garlic in a balsamic reduction. The balsamic vinegar is from Old Town Oil, aged 12 years. It is like candy. Oh, and I can’t forget the fresh basil minced and sprinkeled on top.

With a full moon rising over the horizon and a glass of rose, this meal was a little piece of heaven.

I would eat the leftover strawberry rhubarb pie and vanilla ice cream for dessert, but I have to work tomorrow. Maybe for breakfast.