Sad Tomato

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We are sad here at Sarah and Gillian’s Chicago Culinary Capers. Our tomatoes seem to be suffering from the blight that has been plaguing the east coast. Since we are new to gardening, we decided to get seedlings from a big box store at the advice of a friend. Everything looked great for the first few weeks, and we were really excited! We didn’t kill them! They were getting bigger and actually bearing fruit!

Sadly, we think that the seedlings were contaminated by the time we got them. I haven’t seen any news about the blight in the Midwest, but since we are growing them in pots I’m pretty certain that they’ve been infected all along. I was *so* looking forward to our first caprese salad from the garden. Alas, I think we’re going to have to get our tomatoes from the Green City Market.

We’ll try again next year, this time growing from seed.