Well, I think Floyd and Clyde are pretty well toast. Clyde for sure is done for, and I don’t have much hope for Floyd, though he doesn’t look quite as bad with the blight.

Myrtle, on the other hand, had some spots on her leaves, but so far the fruit looks healthy. I learned from articles I have been reading that you can fight the blight if you break off infected branches from the stalk early enough. However, one article did caution that if you clip off too many, you risk killing the whole plant.

So this morning I figured I had nothing to lose, so I attempted to clip the ugly-looking leaves and stems to see if there is any possibility of saving some of the fruit. I will report back here our results in a few weeks. I am sad, but determined to learn what we can so that we can have greater success next year.

Meanwhile, our basil is looking quite handsome, and I think we will soon need to harvest it and make lots of pesto and freeze it for some quick winter meals.