Well, I would not say that I have quite perfected my pie crust recipe yet, but I had a “eureka” moment earlier this week when I mad a quiche. For the first time, I worked without a recipe in front of me (I know, it’s a crutch), and I accidentally put in just a hair more water than I usually do. Voila! It made all the difference. the dough was so much easier to work with. It didn’t crack and split nearly as much, and it was much easier to roll out than usual.

I have been questioning the necessity of having the dough so cold, though I know that it really makes for the flakey crust that everyone loves. Just a little more H20 made all the difference, and even after about 1/2 hour in the freezer, the dough was totally workable.

Still far from perfect, but I feel much more confident now in my pie crust making skills.

The quiche, by the way, was delicious. Zucchini sauteed with a little oregano, and fontina cheese, though not our favorite brand of fontina, so the texture was a little rubbery instead of the lovely melty ooze that we love so much.