There are many professions that I have fantasized about. Years ago when we were living in Oakland, I was taking classes at a yoga studio that was located above a bakery. I adored the smell of fresh bread while doing sun salutation B. At that moment, I wanted nothing more than to have a career as a yoga instructor and baker (together).

This is my birthday week, and Gillian has been giving me a gift a day, to help me realize that dream. This week I received two types of sourdough starter and all of the equipment to keep my new pets alive, an assortment of baking pans, a sticky mat for rolling out dough, and a special mold for shaping loaves.

And on my birthday, as I was preparing to do my morning vinyasa, I opened my yoga mat bag to discover a brand new, very pink, very girlie yoga mat.

Soon I will will post my sourdough baking adventures here. and be realizing my dream of becoming a yogini and a baker.