I have been asking Gillian to find some sourdough starter for me for a while now, and for my birthday, she gave me two different kinds so that we could compare the flavors. One company actually sent us two containers of starter, so now I find myself with three different starters.

With the third starter, I am experimenting by feeding it with spelt flour instead of wheat. Inspired by the beautiful spelt bread that my dad step-mother always have when I visit them in Minnesota, and by my nephew who learned recently that he cannot eat wheat, I am going to start baking with all kinds of different flours. I thought it would be nice to have some sourdough starter that is non-wheat.

This weekend I will make a regular wheat bread, and as I write this, the sourdough starter is enjoying a nice meal and getting ready to leaven some dough for me. Of course, I will post the results here.