We have been seriously remiss in updating Shy Chi Foodies. Sorry folks! We promise to make a better effort from now on.

Suffice it to say that I have a new job that is monopolizing my time, and, frankly, I am the one who is more inclined to write at this point. That is something that may change as Gillian finds her voice more and more.

Meanwhile, my update this week is that my favorite social bookmarking site is back after a long hiatus, and I have created a group for foodies there, called, what else, Foodies.

Please join me there! Ma.gnolia is a wonderful resource for sharing resources about all interests. I’m a huge fan.

I also found an interesting article from the New York Times from September 22, 2009, about culinary resources on the internet. Gillian and I are fans of Epicurious.com, and there are a few other good ones listed here, too.