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In Oakland we lived within walking distance from Arizmendi, a fantastic bakery where we would get fresh baguettes or other baked goods whenever we needed them. Being dissatisfied with the offerings of bread in our neighborhood in Chicago, I have gotten back into baking.

Our Saturday morning ritual now is listening to our favorite NPR shows while I make baguettes or some other baked good for the week. By noon, we are enjoying fresh coffee, bread, butter, and jam (or lavender honey). Yum.

The baguette recipe is so easy, I don’t know why I haven’t been making it all along. I found it on Epicurious, and I have been trying to perfect it ever since. You can see from the photos that I am having a little trouble with the slits after the final rise. Gillian suggested wetting the blade of the knife, and I’ll report on the results next week. Meanwhile, though imperfect, and a little shy of salt, they still taste pretty good, and the crust has a nice crisp.