Well, it is Spring again, and we’re ready for planting. Last year, our tomatoes sadly failed, succumbing to the blight that was harming so many others across the country. So, I did a little research and reached out to my Twitter and Facebook community, asking for advice. What I have gathered so far is that this year, blight shouldn’t pose a problem. A gardener on Twitter advised me to throw out the soil in our pots and start over. I wonder what we would have to do if we had planted in the ground! We’re playing it safe and dumping out the dirt and starting out with fresh potting soil.

This year, instead of going to a big box store, we ordered seedlings from Seeds of Change, some heirloom tomatoes and with some herbs (thyme, chives, bay, sage, oregano, and rosemary). They arrived yesterday. We got all  of the rest of our supplies today, so tomorrow we plant. It has been unseasonably cool here in Chicago this year, but I think we’re safe now, and we can safely plant our babies without fear of frost.

With luck, by mid-summer we will be harvesting some Yellow Perfection!