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While we don’t have major family get-togethers on major holidays, we take full advantage of the days off and the national tradition of cooking a delicious meal and busting out the elastic-waste pants.

At Chez Conner-Smith, we love Thanksgiving.

And Gillian, chef extrordinaire that she is, has been in planning and preparation mode all week. Today we did our final shop. I had been at the office all morning, and when I came home, she had been busy getting all of the recipes out, brining the turkey, and making check lists.

And this is all just for the two of us.

So, tomorrow, we’ll post our menu, recipes, and photos. And over the weekend we will report on what we do with the leftovers.



Gillian is a genius. She just pulled this one out, and she’ll be humble about it, so I’ll be the one to say that she is a creative master in the kitchen and tonight’s meal shows you why. We have been talking about this supper for a few days now, grilled garlic scapes and zuchini, pork chops (thick cut from Paulina Market), with nectarines sauteed with garlic in a balsamic reduction. The balsamic vinegar is from Old Town Oil, aged 12 years. It is like candy. Oh, and I can’t forget the fresh basil minced and sprinkeled on top.

With a full moon rising over the horizon and a glass of rose, this meal was a little piece of heaven.

I would eat the leftover strawberry rhubarb pie and vanilla ice cream for dessert, but I have to work tomorrow. Maybe for breakfast.